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About Me

My Beginning~ love affair with the Arts

When I was in elementary school, at age 9, my favorite time of day, in our small country town, was with my art teacher,Mrs Pearl Martin,who encouraged and inspired me to draw and paint. Mrs.Martin submitted my 1st painting from tempera paints to a newspaper in a nearby City-wide Contest and my whimsical art became one of the winners.  Fancy underwater goldfish and a baby sting~ray toured Japan and the USA! As I got older, I continued to explore art and this passion never faded. 

Little did I realize it would later become a driving force  connecting me to the core of my courage and authentic self. This vehicle of creative expression freed me from some of my life's most challenging,painful and suppressive episodes giving me what I call my ''Ultimate Freedom''.  I later graduated Waller High School and went on to attend Rice University in Houston Texas to study art.Art Professor John O'Neil then became my mentor. Thank you to both of those mentoring artists.

My Favorite Creative Mediums

I used many different mediums, such as acrylic glazing, mosaic tiles, (beads, glass, glitter, found objects) or whatever speaks to me and catches my fancy, even iron and cement. I believe that working in any single medium is restrictive to my artistic process. Each idea manifests in its own individual style. I like creating works incorporating the Bagua for Art intended for balancing personal spaces  from ''Feng Shui", ~ Where as Murals, in particular are wonderful because you can go large or go home!

Inspiration speaks to me as "Artist4Peace"

I enjoy gardening and I even had my own Specialty Landscape company for about 14 years. I also introduced unique dried and fresh holiday floral design for years in my shop in The Rice Village and later did custom floral design work for the River Oaks Plant House. 

Many of my pieces are directly influenced by my relationship with nature . I love recreating the colorful beauty around me with the magical essence and unique qualities of plants, pets and wildlife that affects me and often shows up in my works .I've dedicated all my work since year 2000 with the intention to create and direct energies to bringing about World Peace.